Come on in!

Come on in!

  • RENATA Jernigan
  • 09/12/18

The best calling card for your house begins with crisp and professional pictures. Having each room photoshoot ready will make this process a lot easier. Now, if you are a photographer and can guarantee the pictures will be amazing, go for it and save some money by taking your own photos. However, I strongly suggest that you hire a real estate photographer to take photos, video, and possibly drone photos and video. All this should cost you around $200-$500 and worth every penny. Imagine if developers sold a project with photos taken from their iPhones? Not so great, right? Well, it is up to you to create a beautiful first impression for your buyers. This always starts online through different real estate sites.

Before your photographer arrives, be sure to remove all items from the kitchen countertop as well as in each bathroom. No one wants to see your toothbrush hanging out on the counter or towel drying on a rack. Remove all items from sight! This will make a huge difference when buyers are choosing a home to visit solely by the online presence.

Now that you have beautiful photos, it is time to display them online. You want to create an experience for the buyers as they browse your pictures. So, start with the picture of the front of the house and work your way through the home in order. This will give the buyers the sense of walking through the property without ever setting foot in the home.

Selling a house is not an easy task. However, if you follow my simple steps, you will be able to sell your property like a pro. Happy Selling.

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