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Entrepreneur gone Niche! If you want to learn how to build a niche business, or change your business to make more money you are in the right place.

Episode 8 - Ready To Launch

Let's talk Disruptors! Those unwelcome detours  that invade our lives. What do you do when things don't exactly go as planned? In life hardly anything works out the way we planned or dreamed of. But how do we actually roll with the punches, how do we keep moving forward, and except failure and disappoint as something positive? 

I share some of my own disruptors and how I learned to overcome them in life and business. 

I would love to hear about the disruptors you are facing, and how you are overcoming or dealing with it. Welcome to The Niche, let's start the conversation. 


Episode 7 - Why Market Your Business on Instagram?

Do you ever wonder which is the best Social Media platform to market your business and brand? On this episode I interview the Founder of YBO Marketing, Alexander Dijkema. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 12, and has created a successful Business that competes with some of the major marketing firms around the globe. Alex shares some of his tips tricks on branding your business through Instagram, and  how he decided to take the road less traveled to start his company. 

Episode 6 - Convert You Relationships Into Business!

Join me as I chat with this amazing Girl boss, and fiend, Bethany Martinez! 

Bethany has created a niche by developing her long-term relationships within the South Florida community of young and up-and-coming professionals. She has began her career by climbing the ranks of the hospitality industry and has now merged those skills with her love for Miami real estate.

Over the course of a decade, Bethany watched the entire Miami market grow in all industries including; hospitality and real estate. Inspired by the energy and development coming to Miami, she obtained her real estate license and began leveraging her relationships and turning them into Transactions!

Episode 5 - Build and Grow your Business with $0 dollars

On this episode I go over some tips and tricks on how you can get out of a down cycle in your business by following 5 easy and FREE principles. Over the last 10 years in Real Estate, I have learned how to maintain by business alive even in a downturn. So listen in and lets get Nichy.

Episode 4 - Discussing Change in Life and Business

Change happens all the time, but how to you deal with it in your life and in business? In the last 10 years I have worked with Professional Athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB, and these guys know a thing or two about change! So, on this episode I discuss change from the perspective on an athlete. How do they deal with it? Tune in to find out! 

Episode 3 - Welcome to the Niche

Get ready to get nichy with me! In today's episode I interview the founder of Lean Body Wisdom, Tabitha Benway. After struggling with her weight, Tabitha decided to start a company to help, and guide women achieve their best body selves. This is an amazing, and insightful interview into the mind of an entrepreneur. We discuss what to look out for when building a brand, and how to thrive in a niche market. Listen in, and I hope you enjoy!

Episode 2 - Welcome To The Niche

Get ready to get nichy with me! I am interviewing marketer to the stars, Maxx Lepselter. Maxx owns a Sports and Influencer Marketing Agency that caters to the NFL, NBA, and MLB called Maxx Branding. He has found his niche and is sharing some of his journey with me. I hope you enjoy! 

Episode 1 - Welcome To The Niche

Hi, my name is Renata Jernigan and over the last 10 years I have created a niche business helping professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA find homes nationwide. Over this time I met some incredible entrepreneurs that have also taken their business nichy. In this episode I will share my journey of how I began working with pro players, and tips on how you can create a niche business and make more money. So lets get nichy! 

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Renata is the leading agent in and south Florida and has helped hundreds of buyers including many, NFL, MLB, and NBA players, find their dream home.