Divide and Conquer!

Divide and Conquer!

  • RENATA Jernigan
  • 09/11/18

Selling a house can feel overwhelming at times. We gather personal items over the years in every room and manage to shove knick-knacks into each closet and under the stairs. But who can blame you, this is our attempt to create a home, and let's face it, we never buy a house with selling it in mind, do we? So, we personalize each room to fit our lifestyle. Now, this is where sellers commit the mortal mistake of thinking that when selling their home, buyers will want each space exactly as they have created. They then put the house on the market without much effort and end up hearing crickets outside instead of a car lineup of potential buyers. Now, I remember thinking the same way when I had the opportunity to list my first property. Put it on the MLS and they will come, so I thought. Reality hit me when weeks passed and no one showed up to view and, definitely, not to buy the house. It was only then that I realized that I needed to create a product that would be desirable to buyers. Why do you think that we love watching HGTV? It's because each room on every remodeling episode of your favorite Fixer-Upper has been curated to appeal to every, or at least most, homebuyers in America. So, before you get overwhelmed, you must divide your house into rooms.

Let's Break It Down:

It's time to divide and categorize your spaces.

  1. Master bedroom
    1. Master Closet (Do not neglect your closet ya'll)
  2. Master Bathroom
  3. Guest Bedroom
    1. Guest Closet
  4. Guest Bathroom
  5. Living Room
  6. Kitchen
    1. You must also organize your fridge and kitchen cabinets.
  7. Pantry
  8. 10- Family Room
Now, the real fun begins! It's time to organize and clear each room of personal items and declutter. This will take time and preparation. Perhaps, it's time to change that mix-matched rug by the front door or add a few decor pieces to your coffee table. Take it one room at a time and your house will be ready to sell in no time.

If you have struggled with selling your home please share with me and ask any questions that you might have. Happy Selling.

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