Spring 2024 Is Your Chance To Get Back In The Game Of Real Estate & Investing

  • RENATA Jernigan
  • 12/10/23

Spring 2024: Game On For Investors

Spring is synonymous with renewal and vibrancy. The Spring real estate market has always been an enticing time for both buyers and investors. Traditionally it’s a time of increased activity, and Spring of 2024 is poised to be even more enticing for investors.

The lure is the lowering interest rates. On Friday November 3rd Futures Markets predicted over a 50% chance that the Federal Reserve Mortgage Rates will be down by 25 to 50 basis points by May 1st 2024. This will effectively lower interest rates on mortgages making it easier to invest in new properties, increase cashflow and diversify ones portfolio. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, this is your opportunity to get back in the game for some big wins.

Interest rates are a critical component of the real estate market. Interest rates influence both buyer demand and investor behavior. After breaching 8% in mid-October, 30-year fixed mortgage rates have plummeted to levels not seen since September. It’s projected that the Federal Reserve will lower rates more in the Spring of 2024.

Lower interest rates, in particular, have a profound impact on the investment landscape, making it an excellent time for investors to enter the game. When rates are low, financing becomes more affordable, and it becomes easier for investors to leverage their capital and expand their real estate portfolios.

Key Benefits Of Lower Rates:

  1. Properties become more affordable with low interest rates. This reduces the cost of borrowing, making it more realistic for investors to finance property acquisitions. The affordability and practicality means that investors can allocate their funds more efficiently across multiple investments, increasing their potential returns.

  2. Lower interest rates not only attract investors but are very enticing for buyers. The increase demand can result in rising property values. Creating big wins and benefits for investors; boosting their property's appreciation.

  3. Lower interest rates also allow for lower monthly mortgage payments, allowing investors to enjoy increased cash flow from their rental properties. Investors are able to allocate the additional cash flow towards other expenses.

  4. Lower interest rates allow investors to easily diversify their real estate portfolio. With lower interest rates its less risky investing in different property types and various geographical markets

  5. As interest rates decrease, lenders become more eager to extend financing options to investors. This increased availability of loans can help investors secure the funding they need to capitalize on attractive opportunities.

Get Back In The Game:

While lower interest rates create big opportunities for investors and big returns, it's important to understand just how competitive the market can be. Competition is high, many real estate markets may still face tight inventory levels. Investors may find themselves in bidding wars, which can drive up property prices. That’s why we want to be on your team and make sure you’re ready for the 2024 Season. Time to get off the sidelines and get back in the game.

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